Who we are

Padmaa Group through its registered subsidiaries, partners and affiliates provides Real Estate, Property Development, Architectural Services and Market Insights to a diversified global client base. We are committed to building strong client relationships, by providing tailored solutions to achieve specific financial and investment goals.

We pride ourselves for best in customer satisfaction and follow-up service, providing utmost value to our clients. We are known for our experience, service, integrity, teamwork and excellence.

Headquartered in the Las Vegas, USA and Bangalore, INDIA helps us working closely with our affiliates worldwide, Padmaa Group is well-positioned to identify unique investment opportunities to our clients on a global basis. We have extensive exposure in Bangalore & Las Vegas real estate markets and specialize in Residential & Commercial real estate like none of our competition. We are dedicated to provide “Value and Peace of Mind” to our clients investing in Bangalore & abroad, by protecting their interest and helping them reach their investment goals.

A combination of all these services and a wide network of reputable professionals make Padmaa Group a leader in real estate and development sector. We are capable of providing Real Estate, Development and Architectural Services as a whole package or in part, depending on the client’s specific time and budget requirements. We are in business to create value for our client’s investments and we transform their vision into a reality. We believe “Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together – Robert Redford”.

What we do
Padmaa Group is Real Estate, Development & Service Company, helping clients achieve their investment goals in Bangalore & abroad. Our mission is to provide value to our clients by identifying investment opportunities, devising strategies, assembling & managing a full service team; acting as a client’s single point of responsibility. Padmaa Group is uniquely qualified to create maximum returns and most importantly providing “Worry-Free Solutions and Peace of Mind” to our clients.
Real Estate
Padmaa Group’s experienced & dedicated team identifies & assists clients with either Buying or Selling real estate based on specific location and budget requirements. We also offer value added services like Legality/Title Assistance, Property Assessment Report, Preparation/Execution/Registration of Sale Deeds and Purchase/Delivery Assistance. At Padmaa Group our mission is to save our client’s valuable time and money while eliminating the need for physical presence.
Property Development & Construction
Padmaa Group has a network of highly experienced & reputable Developers who are Reliable, Schedule conscious, Time and Budget sensitive. Maximizing the value of our client’s real estate development is our purpose. We expertise in Residential, Office and Commercial development projects and make efficient & economical projects a reality for clients large and small.
Architectural Services
Padmaa Group’s design team is focused on design excellence and the ability to combine creativity & innovation necessary for a project’s success. Every project receives careful planning and attention to detail that is realistic, efficient & well articulated; reflecting our client’s visions. We are dedicated to providing true value added professional services that is responsive to our client’s needs while delivering projects on time and under budget.
Market Insights
Padmaa Group through its registered partners - TradeBuff.com, provides straight forward, easy to understand and unbiased “Market Insights” that is useful and dependable; an investors best friend. This valuable resource is free and currently focused for US markets & customers only and will extend to Indian Markets in future.

How to reach us

Feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding our services, need investment advice or to discuss an investment opportunity. We are here to assist our clients and future customers, to reach their investment goals in any way we can. You can reach us over the phone, email or by submitting the form below; we will make sure one of our associates will get in touch with you.
Las Vegas Office
(702) 238-4255
Bangalore Office
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Property Development